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August 25, 2008
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HOTD Sculpt - Chariot by blogzilly HOTD Sculpt - Chariot by blogzilly
For the hell of it, and because I think it's interesting and because it's my friggin' page, gonna show the sculpts from the House of the Dead line that I recently uploaded the concept and control art from.

It's cool sometimes to see how a sculpt turns out from the original material. The sculptor uses whatever concept sketches or control art I provided, along with whatever reference material I could put together for them.

Then it's all process...they show me the rough sculpt, I make comments, they show the next step, comments, and on and on, until the sculpts are approved and then cast and painted. In fact, one of the types of art I did over the last ten years I never ever show, because it is boring to most...and that is when I take a sculpt into Photoshop and digitally revise it to show the sculptor what I need him or her to do to the piece.

I could have thousands of deviations with just that shit alone. And what's interesting to note is that there is where a lot of my touch went into the work, being the art director. Many things would get shaped during that phase, the sketches and what-not were a simple starting point.

OK, for ease of viewing, here are all the links to the previous House of the Dead sketches. If you are curious about what the sketch looked like of the character that is shown here in sculpt form, click on the link.

House of the Dead: Chariot Sketch

House of the Dead: Alternate Heads Sketch

House of the Dead: Magician Sketch

House of the Dead: Bob the Zombie Sketch

House of the Dead: Kuarl Sketch

House of the Dead: Hierophant Sketch

House of the Dead: Strength Sketch

House of the Dead: Johnny the Zombie Sketch

House of the Dead: Ken Sketch


This was the sculpt for the Chariot figure.

This was an old layout from the Palisades site where we showcased some un-produced work...hence the Land of the Lost title, which is what we called the blog on canceled stuff. I maintained a daily sort of blog thingie where I showed production type stuff.

Sculpted by SOTA with paints by Plan-B Toys.
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HH-HorrorHigh Feb 10, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Why this was never produced into stores makes me sad. It looks awesome. I would have bought it.
187charger Jan 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow awesome fucking awesome man you rule when is this going to be released!!!!!
this is badass although this guy is from house of the dead 1
Correct, but he was gonna be in Series 2 of the action figure series, that's what I meant to say. Sorry.
ooooooh...hmmm cant avoid feeling like an idiot now
does the armour come off?
:omg:..... I would looove to actually see this figure on store shelves
I think this sculpt looks like todd Mcfarlane's work srry to say that ^^;
Why are you sorry to say that? I consider that a huge compliment. It means we achieved a level of detail that would be considered on their level. The difference is that the figures we made all had a lot of articulation and you could really play with the figures. In fact our company tag line was "Play With It!".
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